Why Organizational Alignment is Essential in Your Recruiting and Hiring Efforts

Why Organizational Alignment is Essential in Your Recruiting and Hiring Efforts

10 Jul Why Organizational Alignment is Essential in Your Recruiting and Hiring Efforts

If your company has organizational alignment and is striving to achieve business goals as a cohesive unit, you’re bound to have success. While most companies have implemented organizational alignment into their business practice and strategy, many don’t apply the same philosophy to their hiring and recruiting efforts.

Without organizational alignment in your recruiting and hiring methods, you run the risk of failing to hire the best overall candidate. If your hiring process doesn’t lead to producing the best candidate, your company becomes vulnerable to high employer turnover. As all companies know, high employee turnover is costly.

The cost of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training adds up, and beyond the financial cost is the damage employee turnover has on your team morale and culture. Having an employee leave your company after a couple months or having to let go of an employee shortly after hiring sends negative signals to your staff. You want your staff to have confidence that the people your company hires are going to fit in and quickly become valued contributors. If they don’t, you’ll be hard-pressed to get their buy-in and trust when integrating new employees into the team.

If your company is not aligned on recruiting, here’s some tips to get you started.

Create an Aligned Hiring Rubric

Before you begin the hiring process, start by creating a clear and well-rounded hiring rubric. Assemble a number of people within your organization to come up with some core values and traits that all employees should possess. Once you’ve agreed on those, you can focus your recruiting messaging and activities accordingly. Additionally, you can direct your hiring managers to craft job interviews in a way to discover whether candidates possess the values and traits your organization desires.

Share Your Vision and Values with Candidates

You want to share the vision and values of your company with your prospective candidates for two reasons. First, you want to attract applicants who fit into your company. By broadcasting your company vision and values on your social channels, company website, and recruiting materials, you can funnel out candidates who don’t represent a culture fit. Second, you show prospective candidates, and your current staff, that you have a clear direction for your company. Today’s job market is thin, and candidates can be scared off by businesses that don’t appear to be focused and forward thinking.

Involve Multiple People in the Hiring Process

Many companies rely on a single hiring manager or HR professional to handle the hiring process. Doing so puts a lot of pressure on that person to represent your entire organization with their hiring decision. You don’t want to overdo it and have too many cooks in the kitchen, but involving different people from your organization in the hiring process leads to thorough and in-depth evaluation.

When selecting which people to include in the process, try and grab people from different parts of your business who might have different point-of-views. The more diverse your hiring process is, the more information you can gain from the candidate. It also allows the candidate to be introduced to multiple people from your team, which will help their own appraisal of whether they’re a good fit for your company. And ultimately, the more you learn about the candidate in the hiring process, the more confidence you’ll have that you’re making the right hire.

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