Our Approach

People are a company’s most precious resource. Period.
They are the key to building a great company.

At Jackson & Associates, we value people as a company’s most precious resource. Candidates who represent the top talent at their respective positions know that Jackson & Associates respects their expertise. Our attention to detail is why we’ve earned the trust of some of the most well-known companies in the world, and a major reason why executive leaders seek out our guidance when looking to make their own career move.

Our clients and candidates tend to have a striking similarity: They last for the long haul. Our process has proven effective time after time with companies of all shapes and sizes. Let us worry about the details while you focus on Building a Great Company.

Our Process

Learning about your organization
Learning about your organization and understanding your company’s vision and goals. We also will provide you with our input on your company’s position in the marketplace.

Defining your ideal candidate. 
What are the skills, personal attributes, talents, outlook, and past accomplishments you seek? What will make someone an ideal cultural fit in your organization?

Identifying key candidates
Identifying key candidates in our vast network of executive talent that have the potential to succeed as a leader in your organization.

Intensely evaluate those individuals
Using our proprietary J.B.P. (Jackson Behavioral Profile) we intensely evaluate those individuals and determine a genuine interest, as well as conduct reference checks and any additional requested evaluations.

Providing a comprehensive report
Providing a comprehensive report on each candidate selected for you including job history, education, personal information and our evaluations of objectives, traits, and cultural match.

Assistance in interview coordination
Assistance in interview coordination and prepping the candidate on what information they need to provide, in addition to participating in the actual interview if requested. Our in-house travel department offers complimentary assistance with all travel arrangements on a cost-only basis to clients.

Following up with both client and candidate
Following up with both client and candidate to answer any additional questions and to determine next steps, as well as offering clients assistance in evaluating the interview results.

Compensation negotiations
Talks regarding compensation can be challenging. Using our vast experience and historical data we work closely with both parties to ensure a favorable outcome for all involved.

Assist candidates in resignation
Assist candidates in resignation from their current employer, including obstacles they may face.

Assist in onboarding
Assist in onboarding by regularly scheduled follow-ups with clients and candidates to ensure satisfaction of both parties.

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